Gaby Ramirez Becomes Wonder Woman

R.K. Menn June 9, 2011 3

I know you guys are super bummed that the Wonder Woman television show has been canceled before it even hit the air. Don’t worry, Mexico is here for you. And Mexico is definitely doing it right.

This lovely lady is none other than Gaby Ramirez. She’s a Telenovela Actress, which is basically a soap opera actress here in the United States. But with one major difference: This actress just posed for Playboy Mexico as Wonder Woman.

I know what you are thinking, that I said I wasn’t going to be posting nude pictures on the regular when I posted that gallery of Rocio Gancedo. Well, technically I’m not. This lovely lady is covered to the fullest and/or doesn’t show any bare skin where bare skin would warrant “nudity.”

Yeah, I’m walking a fine line, but I have cat-balance, so it’s all good. So shut up and enjoy. (for the record, there are a few pics of her ripping off the body paint. THOSE are nude.)

  • Intrepidami

    She just 17, you know what I mean? There’s a reason this spread ain’t in Playboy USA

  • Rob

    She’s no where near 17. Says she was born in 1978.

  • Steve Bakewell

    17? dude this chick is clearly 18+

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